Ryan Davidson


I am a graduate of Full Sail receiving an Associates Degree in  Recording Engineering in 2002.  Since graduating with perfect attendance and being at the top of my class, I have done many things.  After graduation I moved back to my home town in Virginia Beach, Virginia and refused to let my education go to waste. Within a few months I found a job at a local television station working the morning news and learning all about television production. In the meantime, I worked at many local recording studios and a local sound company volunteering my time, making good contacts and adding to my experience.  After a little over a year , I applied for a position at a major television production company.  This position was for an audio post engineer, which entailed all aspects of audio for television.  This is where I still work today and have evolved into a very well rounded audio engineer working on movies, cartoons, television, and running live sound. I have spent years working very hard in the audio post production field fine tuning my skills. I graduated with my bachelors degree in Cinema Television from Regent University this December 2013.  Get in touch and lets see what we can do.

The pages that follow are many of the things that I have worked on for my current employer.  Click the links at the top to navigate to my other pages. I hope you enjoy.

Recording Engineer

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